The Season for Releasing

Happy Fall, Samhain Blessings and my favorite time of year. I’ve been fortunate to be in circle a few times over the last month with different groups of women. Being in circle creates sacred space, ignites connection and enables healing. Healing. Healing has a large presence in my life at the moment. I’m grieving a huge loss that has happened in my life. Part of this healing, for me, includes the act of releasing.

With the season of Fall, we are reminded of the process of letting go. We let go what no longer serves us. This could be an old habit, a relationship, a limiting belief we are holding onto and the list goes on. It’s a time to get introspective and release as we prepare to move to the stillness that Winter feeds us. I spoke with a friend the other day about things in my life that felt hard right now or challenging. The word anxiety came up. Anxiety has been making its way into my space over the last 6 months and to be totally honest, I've been trying to ignore it. Over the last few months, I’ve written down in my journal that I’m releasing the anxiety. I’ve written it down on paper and burned that paper during ceremonies. But that isn’t enough. I needed to create action around what I wanted to release. So I was asked, what would it take for anxiety to feel better? I loved this question. My answer- talking about it, feeling supported and committing to spending more time doing the things that bring ease into my life.

The act of writing down what we want to release or burning it, is powerful. But what else.. What’s the next step? Let’s create commitment around this release. What steps are you committed to taking around this release? Perhaps your action item is creating a mantra or it’s reframing that limiting belief and changing it into something positive. Maybe it’s scheduling in a 3-minute check-in each day. Write down what feels best for you. 

I invite you to journal on what’s in your space at the moment that you would like to release. What is no longer serving you? Do you have any beliefs or stories that you would like to leave in the past? Write them down.

Almost done.. When you release, see how it feels to release with gratitude. For example- I’m grateful for the anxiety that bubbles up because it gives me the opportunity to check-in with myself more. It gives me the chance to connect with my intuition and REALLY listen to what I need in that moment. So what if we release but release with gratitude? What if we reframe these things that are in our space and release with love...

If you’re having a blockage on releasing, listen to this powerful meditation that was recommended to me by a friend. I did this meditation and it helped to bring my mind and heart into an attunement.

Enjoy this harvesting time and sending you love.