Are You Connected With Your Inner Guidance?

As my first post, I intuitively felt called to speak on inner guidance. What’s inner guidance? Simply, your inner guidance is your intuition. It’s listening to your core, your heart center and syncing up your mind with these spaces. It’s listening to your spirit guides, the universe, the divine or however you wish to call it and connecting with them. It’s speaking and acting from your true self.

Do you ever speak up about something and then question what you’ve said a million times? Or before you make any decision, do you call your friends or family to seek approval? Does your fear speak over your intuition regularly?

I feel you, love, and I’ve been there.

Let me share a piece of myself with you. A while back, a family member of mine went for a session with their medium. The medium told them that I needed to start believing in myself. When I heard this, I felt defensive. Immediately I said to myself “Ha! that’s absurd, I do believe in myself.” I was confident with who I was but to be totally real with you, my actions were speaking A LOT louder than my words. I would text or call family and friends any time I needed to make a tough decision. And for me, as an indecisive Libra, I would text them about a wide range of anything. When something would happen that left part of me feeling frustrated, confused or sad, I would need to let not just one, but multiple people know. How many people did I need validation from that I was right in ending a relationship or that moving to a new place was the next step? We get it. This left me not only dependent on my relationships but completely disconnected from my intuition. It left me feeling energetically exhausted.

When I began to dig out my own path and create a life that would align with my true self, this disconnection surfaced in a strong way. The gods and goddesses were essentially smacking me across the face while screaming “intuition!” It became more apparent to me that I wasn’t believing in myself. Knowing that, brought up more stuff.

I wanted this to shift and I knew that I desired to take ownership. I love that word ownership. Ownership is different from control. When we want control, we are so focused on the outcome. We cannot trust ourselves, others or any entity that we believe in. Taking ownership of our power and relationships allows us to create boundaries to teach others to treat us with respect. I OWNED the fact that there was a huge gap between my mind, voice and intuition. As someone who is intuitive, I was seriously disconnected from my intuition. In this context, I don’t mean intuition like meeting someone and your intuition is telling you to run. I mean fully being in the present, with your TRUE SELF and connected with your intuition. And so it began, a relationship between myself and my intuition. I began to take the steps that I desired to heal that relationship. The first step was recognizing and being curious about this disconnection. It’s a constant relationship that invites me to dig deeper. I’m grateful for the relationship that I have with her and the nurturing that I give to her.

We spend such a great deal of time worrying about the relationships around us but the most important relationship is the one with yourself.

So let me ask you, does any of this resonate? Are you fully in connection with your inner guidance? Let’s not wait any longer to mend this relationship. I invite you to think about this and I challenge you to bring a practice into your life that connects these pieces back together. Remember, the first step is recognizing and being curious. Tools to use could include meditation, journaling or mindset practices.

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