Witnessing Magic

As a little girl, I always believed in magic. I knew that this world was FULL of magical things happening around us all of the time. I knew that all you needed to do was to be open to seeing it. As the little fairy in me grew, changed and grew into a witch, my belief and understanding of this magic, deepened. I knew it existed and I wanted more. I wanted to witness it more. I want to BE it.

There was a point in time where I was clouded by other things around me. I was clouded by relationships, substances, the unknowing of my own soul and the realness of who I was. As I began on my own journey, I started to unveil each layer of my being. I couldn't run away from these patterns that I had once tried to run away from. I had to face them. I had to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I had to let go of those limiting beliefs, the self-deprecating talk, get clear on what I wanted to attract into my life and through that, I had to let parts of myself die. Because how can you see clearly when you're putting a lens over your eyes. At some point, through my own journey, I came back to that little girl who believed in magic. 

For me, magic shows up when I witness myself expanding and opening up in relationships, when I get real and voice my honesty, when I whisper to my spirit guides and they let me know, in their own way, that they hear me. 

The thing that excites me about magic? This journey doesn't end. It's continues. It's infinite. When I think about this, I'm brought back to that feeling of excitement I felt as a little girl, to witness more magic. To create more. To be magic and to fully embrace this. As I continue on this journey of mine to learn more, make mistakes, grow, shift, change, embrace, love and so much more, I look forward to witnessing more magic each day.

Tell me, what does magic feel like for you? What happens when you start to believe in that? Let me know, I would love to hear.

Star dust and cosmic love to you.