Going Inward This Season

The last few weeks have been filled with me REALLY feeling the restlessness that all wild women do. My restlessness kicks in and I'm looking up flights, quick getaways and filling my partner's ears with ideas of adventures on how I want travel and explore. 

As I almost purchased 2 plane tickets yesterday my phone buzzed and my partner said "so many weekends out of town.. Is this worth the trip.." At first, I rolled my eyes at this message and then started thinking about reflection. With all of this planning and excitement, I started to see a pattern I was creating for this season of not taking time to be introspective and reflective. I've noticed that I've spent less time writing, less time meditating in the mornings, more time thinking about future plans. And yes, this is all okay. We don't need to do all of the things, all of the time.

I thought about how we've completed Winter which is a season for being inward, introspective and slowing down and we are now in Spring heading quickly towards Summer. So how do we keep staying introspective and reflective when we are feeling this energy of planning and restlessness.. 

What does being still look like for you during cycles such as this? Is it taking a few extra minutes on that hike to check-in with yourself, is it taking time to appreciate the flowers as you walk to work or maybe it's waking up and writing a few morning pages. I invite you to reflect on what this looks like for you. We don't need to change our practices or take on new ones to adhere to the current cycle but perhaps adding some variety into what works for you, will assist with being in the flow that is life. 

A sweet share from my heart to yours- The bus ride from my little tree lined neighborhood to downtown is usually packed with humans staring at their phones and preparing for their workday. But on this rainy day, I noticed none of that. The bus was chatty. Many of the people on the bus were exchanging morning conversations with those around them. I took a huge breath. This made me smile and I felt such an immense amount of gratitude within. I felt gratitude for human connection. I took a few extra moments this morning to express to myself all of what I felt grateful for in this present moment.

As I practice this, I feel gratitude expand within me. I feel lighter and it sets the tone for my day. For me, this is a way for me to go inward throughout my day no matter where I am. I don't need to set my alarm, light incense, pull a card or write to do this. I just let myself be in these moments. 

Sweet grace to you.