What comes to mind when you hear the word SPACE? Let this sit for a moment. Repeat it a few times to yourself.

What is your relationship with taking up space? I'm not only referring to physical space but also energetic space. 

As women, we are conditioned to do the antithesis of taking up space. We are conditioned to remain small, to follow, to be aware of how we are sitting, standing, dressing, acting and to hold back from using those strong voices we have. I've noticed how I don't take up space within myself. I'll think twice before giving my opinion in certain situations or expressing how I feel. Even in an exercise class, I'll notice that I'll take up less physical space to accommodate those around me until the instructor shouts at all of us to take up more space. 

So what might it look like if we as women, took up more space? More and more women are unpacking this within themselves. More women are coming together in community to share, learn and support one another. 

What's one thing you can do today to take up a little bit more space? I invite you to reflect on this from an energetic and physical lens. 

For me, talking about this topic and getting it out there is part of my commitment to taking up more space.