When we sit in circle, something powerful happens..

The walls come down, the communication pathways open, we connect and we share. Sitting in a circle promotes a neutral space for discussion whereas other forms in which we sit, can create an energetic container that contains a leader + their followers. Those “followers” may hold back from voicing their opinions and also, being their true selves. 

Think about it, remember when you were a little kid and you would sit in circles at school or with your friends? What's a word that comes to mind? For me, it's play. I remember sitting in a huge circle at camp and we played the parachute game. A colorful parachute would be tossed in the air and jiggled around while you ran under it. I loved watching the sun shine through the bright colors. It felt warm, inviting and playful. This was the first memory I have of being in circle.

When we sit in circle, something powerful happens.. We share our stories. We get to connect with others when we share our story. Storytelling inspires one another while giving us the space to relate to each other. We remove the walls, the barriers and we get to show up as we are.

I've held back from sharing pieces of my story. It feels scary, messy, vulnerable and all of these feelings. People will make comments and sometimes, that hurts. When you open yourself up, there is always the possibility of someone saying something that can feel like an ouch. And at the same time, when we share, we inspire others. When I share, it is my hope that there is a woman somewhere reading this nodding her head knowing she is not alone.

My love for circles grows as I dive deeper into this work. Circles are needed. We need more spaces where we can let the walls down and simply open to ourselves. 

"Circle is the form of endlessness, continuation, calming down, pacifying. In a circle, there's no beginning or end- once you're in the circle, you're there, participating in wholeness. Nobody is superior; no one is better than anyone else. We sit together in our differences in one nice, round shape." - The Circle Way