Inner Glow Circle is a powerful personal development organization designed to support you as you receive guidance to grow your life and business. Inner Glow Circle also offers a coach training program for those interested in pursuing that path. 

IGC provides support to like-minded women. Check out the IGC website to read up on all the benefits of this community. 

My IGC Story:

My discovery of Inner Glow Circle has been something I am incredibly grateful for. I came back to the US after living abroad and moving around for a few years. I arrived teary-eyed, messy and with the intention that I would be leaving the US again after a few short months. I felt like I didn't fit in, that there was no one for me to relate to and that the only place for me permanently was back overseas. But I started to ask myself; what is the real reason for wanting to leave again? What's there? I didn't feel like I could get over this hurdle alone. Feelings of confusion, frustration and emptiness came over me. I felt like I kept delaying my passion to help others and that by not putting that into action, everything I was saying about life and who I was, was a lie. 

I reached out to Katie DePaola, Founder & CEO of IGC for guidance. I found Katie through a web search and my intuition told me to speak with her. Katie showed me how many other women felt the same way that I did and had the same views. I decided that being a member of Inner Glow Circle would be a step in a positive direction for me. I can honestly say that this has been one of the best decisions of my life. I've never been part of a community that is quite like IGC. I've met women from around the world and formed deep connections with them. Not only does IGC feel like home to me, it also gives me the resources that I need as a coach to better myself for my clients. I'm honored to be active in this mindful community full of women that inspire me on a daily basis.

Glow Coach Training:

IGC has created a Dynamic Coach Training Experience where you receive the support of an entire community of leaders, coaches, mentors, healers, and entrepreneurs as you advance on your personal journey.

As a Mentor with Inner Glow Circle, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!