Meditation- taking a moment to pause

Before you begin this meditation, I invite you to bring intention and comfort into the space around you. Can you create a sense of ritual for this and any meditation practice? What might that look like for you?

When I meditate, I like to get somewhere quiet with a cup of tea and light a candle to set the tone. I also like to have my journal and a pen nearby in case anything comes up that I feel the desire to write down post-meditation.

-In a seated position, place your feet on the ground so that you may feel grounded in your body.

- Take a moment to wiggle out any excess energy. Shake your shoulders, do some light stretching. Whatever you need in this moment.

-Give yourself space. Space to be gentle with yourself. Space to become aware of the sensations in your body. Space to make mistakes. Space to pause.

-This time is not about making your thoughts disappear but about bringing yourself back into the present when those thoughts come into your mind.

-Eyes can be open or closed. Palms facing up, down or simply, at your side. Honor what feels good for you.

-Bring a gentle awareness to your breath. What sensations do you feel in your body as you begin to notice how you are breathing?

-Stay with this feeling for a few moments.

-Bringing a deeper sense of awareness to your breath, fully let the belly rise with an inhale through the nose and then exhale with a sigh out the mouth.

-In this moment, I like to place one hand on my heart and one hand on my belly. This allows me to deepen the mind body connection.

-How does it feel when you take these full belly breaths?

-There is no judgment in this space. There is no right or wrong. This is a time for you.

-Take a moment to bring into your mind’s eye something you are grateful for. Perhaps it’s a friend, an interaction that you had, your favorite spot in nature or you.

-Notice the details in this image. Notice the colors, the scents and how you feel.

-With your next inhale and exhale, repeat the phrase ‘I am grateful’. I am grateful. I am grateful.

-This image is always available for you in your heart. You can come back to it at any moment throughout your day.

-Check back in with your breathing. Can you bring yourself back into the present?

-Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for the space you created here. For taking a moment to sit in silence, to pause and to listen to your heart.

-Take a big inhale and exhale. Stretch, wiggle, shake it out.

-I like to complete my meditation by writing anything that came up for me in my journal while sipping on some tea.