Meet Danielle

Hey there- my name is Danielle and I'm a Personal Development and Empowerment Coach.


What am I doing here? Well, I want to make you feel comfortable being your true, authentic self. But, I’ll get to that in a second. First, I love connecting and being a means of support to individuals that might be in a place of transition, dealing with resistance or defining who they are. Not only do I love being a means of support for you but I love facilitating connections. My craft is to empower those around me to live aligned with their true self. I want to create a world where it’s okay to be you!

How did I get here? Once upon a time, I set off to answer those questions that many of us do.. What do I want out of life? What kind of person do I want to show up as? I traveled, I moved, I went on a journey to unveil my true self. As I made connections and friends with people from around the world, I started to view life differently. The beliefs that I had before and what I wanted out of life, had completely changed. I viewed life through a different lens and I started to become more and more of who I am. My life took twists and turns from different relationships to living in new places unexpectedly. I realized that I wanted to travel and this was who I am. I realized that making authentic connections with those that I came into contact with, was what I loved. I love leaving people feeling supported through our exchange of words.

To be honest- I'm exactly like you. If you are here in search of support, I get it and I feel you. As I was digging in deep on this soul searching adventure, I realized I was constantly seeking validation on my decisions from others. And as I was so restless and craved this travel lifestyle, I felt unsupported because I was on a path that wasn’t “normal.” But what’s normal? And why was this happening? I was becoming more of me which is a beautiful process but some of my relationships were falling apart. I saw signs coming to surface that I didn’t believe in myself. I always felt confident and I did believe in myself, but in truth, I wasn’t connecting with my inner guidance. I wasn’t trusting my decisions or self. I needed to start believing in myself as a woman and believing in my decisions. So what did I do? I developed a deep relationship with my intuition, I connected with myself, I practice self love, I allowed myself to expand. Through this process, I saw that I had the ability to change and take ownership of what was going on within and around me. Because ultimately, what's going on within you is occurring around you.

So tell me, what brought you here today? 

I'm here to be real with you. My hope is that through our work together, you will feel open and empowered to be the real you. I want to bring you the practices I've created to connect with your intuition and my tools to allow you to create a life that's aligned with your true self. 

I would love to hear from you whether you are interested in one-on-one work or attending an upcoming workshop. If any of this resonates with you, take a browse on here, connect with me or jump in and book a discovery call.