Coaching is an empowered, partnership designed to guide the client to discover, clarify and achieve their goals in business and life. Through the use of tools and powerful questioning, we will activate the process of self-discovery, create structure around your goals and support you in leading the life you desire to create. 

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions which can be conducted from anywhere via phone, Zoom or in-person (in the Washington, DC area). Our sessions are customized for you depending upon where you are seeking support.

When working together, I'll support you in:
Getting clear on your needs
Speaking from a place of truth
Creating a deeper connection with yourself
Being honest about the blockages in your life
Living the life that you desire

Book a free 60 minute call with me. We’ll get to know one another and decide if this is a good fit for you.

One-off sessions or packages are available. Contact Danielle for pricing and questions.