Hi, I’m Danielle.


I am a life coach, reiki healer and wild woman circle leader who has a deep desire to support others on feeling confident in their own path.

We each have our own path that we are called to walk. We each have a voice to use in which we can speak our truth. We each have the ability to support others on their journey while we are on ours.

I believe in the power of using our voices. I believe that the relationship with yourself is your priority and deepening it can only lead to a further understanding of how you tick. I believe in being in community. Community helps us to be connected and receive support from one another.

Once upon a time, I wasn’t capable of using my voice. I was detached from myself and unable to feel comfortable with my path. I often played the victim, needed others to validate my decisions, became a people-pleaser, didn’t know how to ask for support and wasn’t aware of what my needs were. Through my own spiritual journey and coaching, I was able to dive deeper into who I was and what I needed.

I don’t have a quick fix. I don’t have the answers. I don’t pretend that life is picture perfect.

I do fully support and encourage others in feeling all of their emotions, in getting honest with themselves and in learning how to navigate through life feeling whole from within. This all comes from within.

If what I’ve written resonates with you, I invite you to take a deeper browse on here or connect with me.


Bio: Danielle is a life coach, reiki healer and wild woman circle leader who uses her intuition and empathetic nature to connect with those around her. She loves to give individuals support on using their voice, deepening their connection with their intuition and feeling confident in their own, authentic path. She desires to hold sacred space for women and empower them to go deep.