Breathe. Acknowledge. Play.

I sat on the phone with my mom last night and what originally was a conversation catching up suddenly turned into my voice feeling shaky and tears bubbling up behind my eyes.

The TRUTH- I haven't been acknowledging myself. I haven't been witnessing my successes and cherishing those special moments. She told me she wanted me to take a pause to stop and appreciate all of the things that have come into my space over the last year. I actually stopped for a moment on the street I was walking down and thought about this.. I wake up in the morning and express gratitude for myself, the individuals in my life, the lessons I've learned etc.. But am I REALLY DEEP DOWN pausing to acknowledge my life? Am I really taking time to celebrate who I am, my accomplishments and life in general? Not fully. I'm celebrating and acknowledging but on a surface level. 

When my father passed away, an energetic heaviness washed over my life. Life still pushed on and things came into my life that are beautiful and I'm grateful but I can't help that feeling that life lost some of it's sparkle. I stopped celebrating as much as I once did. I didn't fully bask in the excitement of life and what's to come. It felt.. different and it was different and is different. It won't be the same. With life happening and work and other things, I haven't really deeply taken the time to pause, breathe and appreciate what's around. I've been worrying about trivial things, letting my mind spin and focusing on what I cannot control. 

I'm deciding to take a step back. To breathe. To acknowledge. To play. 

Right now- I want to acknowledge you. Wherever you are in your life.. However you are showing up.. I acknowledge and appreciate you. It doesn't matter if we've never met, if we haven't seen one another in a while or if we talk all of the time. Thank you for being part of the universe we live in and thanks for showing up each day. 

PS- Where would you incorporate more acknowledgement and play into your life?